Healthy Lunchbox


"The Healthy Lunchbox"

E-book and Educational Video/Webinar Package


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No more lunchbox stress! 

This program is the answer for your everyday problem of what to make for your family's lunch. As a busy working Mum who is passionate about kid's health and nutrition, I have had to come up with a variety of ideas, suggestions and simple recipes to make nutritious lunches for my kids every day. Now I am pleased to be able to share them with you in my ebook and webinar!

E-Book Information & Details:  

With over 60 pages, this ebook is jam packed with nutrition information, menu plans, tips, advice and more than 30 healthy and tasty recipes.

The_Healthy_Lunchbox_eBook Cover [Final]Contents include:

  • Nutrition Facts - vitamins & minerals for child health
  • The Importance of Protein, including good sources
  • The Scoop on Natural Sugar Alternatives
  • Preparing Grains, Legumes and Nuts
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Buying and Cooking Tips
  • What to Put in the Lunchbox
  • The Many Problems with Processed Foods
  • Lunchboxes and Eco Awareness
  • Savoury Menus for Nutritious Lunches, including 20+  Recipes
  • Baked and Healthy Sweet Options for Morning Tea, including 10 Recipes

** Recipes are Gluten Free with some Dairy Free and Vegetarian options **

Webinar Video Information & Details:

HLBWebinarThis educational video features facts and information on the topic of children's health and the importance of a healthy lunchbox.

Karen will cover a range of important topics:

  • What Aussie Kids Bring For Lunch
  • Packed Lunches - Real Examples Revealed
  • Canteens pros and cons
  • The Scoop on Processed Foods
  • Myth Busting on Sneaky 'healthy' Additives
  • Loads of inspiration to make healthy changes

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Only $15 until 15th February 2020!

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