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Find the best resources and links to online information and local networks on a range of important topics.


Nutrition & Nourishing Foods

Weston A Price - traditional & whole food network

Nourishing Australia - farming & health

Nina Planck  - real food writer

Michael Pollan - nutrition writer

Jamie Oliver - chef, writer & real food activist

Real Milk - resources & info about real milk

Food Connect - community supported agriculture

Soil to Supper - growing your own food for optimum benefits


I support Alliance Eliant an organisation that promotes diversity in agriculture and nutrition, medicine and health care and education. They are involved in many important initiatives from saving old varieties of seeds to supporting artisan food producers under threat by EU regulations to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.


Children’s Health & Wellbeing 

Healthy Kids Naturally - workshops, seminars and consultancy on kid's nutrition

Nourishing Our Children - optimal nutrition for kids

Australian Vaccination Network - vaccination information

Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children - international group dedicated to nurturing children



Connection Parenting- Pam Leo connection parenting

Attachment Parenting - attachment parenting international

Our Emotional Health - Robin Grille

Aware Parenting - Aletha Solter

Authentic Parenting -  Naomi Aldort

Non Violent Communication -  centre for non-violent communication

Heart Math - Institute of Heartmath for connecting hearts and minds

Fertility Pregnancy & Birth Information

Sunshine Midwife - with registered midwife Sylvia Jenkin

Birth Connection - Birth classes & workshops with doula, Pernille Powell

Birth Work - Sunshine Coast birth worker, Jenny Blyth

Fit For Birth - Prenatal Yoga classes with Karen Shlegeris

Circle of Care - Sunshine Coast 'Know Your Midwife' group

Maternity Coalition - national consumer advocacy to improve maternity care and options for women

Joyous Birth  - Australian home birth network

Spinning Babies - optimal foetal positioning for an easier birth

Home Birth Queensland  - Queensland's home birth group

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast - assisted reproduction & IVF medical services

Upcoming Events
7:00 pm Free Webinar – Mind-Body medicine @ Online
Free Webinar – Mind-Body medicine @ Online
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Want to learn more about the real future of medicine? Hint: It is not to be found in some magic pill, but instead lies in the power of your mind! Science has now proven again[...]
9:30 am Mind-Body Workshop – from myster... @ The Grove
Mind-Body Workshop – from myster... @ The Grove
Oct 12 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Mind-Body Workshop - from mystery to mastery @ The Grove | Cooroy Mountain | Queensland | Australia
This one day intensive workshop will provide the information, tools and inspiration to heal your body and turn your health around. While there are many causes of illness and disease each person is a unique[...]
To me Karen is an absolute angel! I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is going through the whole ‘roller coaster’ journey of IVF. It was so lovely to actually have someone that actually listened to me, it was in 2010 when we decided we would give IVF one last go before having a break. Karen put me on a super tonic which I call her ‘magic potion’ and after a few weeks in taking this my FSH levels dropped dramatically and this was my lucky month and my dream had finally came true. I always feel so positive every time I leave Karen’s rooms, I’m so glad that I found her I can never thank her enough for my positive out come!
Megan Wolarczuk
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