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Healthy Cakes & Baked Goodies

Most of these recipes are gluten free and sugar free. I love experimenting with new recipes and creating healthy and yummy goodies for the family. You can usually substitute the almond meal for wheat flour if you like.

The only sweeteners used in these recipes are natural dried fruits and small amounts of honey, maple syrup or occasionally rapadura sugar.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day. In my family we like lots of variety and the kids tend to complain if I serve the same breakfast for more than 2-3 days in a row!  Mixing up different options widens your nutritional intake and keeps everyone from growing bored with the same tastes.  My absolute favourite breakfast is my invention - the "vegie scramlette" - which is a cross between scrambled eggs and an omelette.

Lunches & Light Meals

Lunches should offer a good mixture of protein, salads or vegies. I find lunches really change throughout the year - depending on the season and what my body wants. I always like to cook nourishing soups and slow cooked casseroles in the cooler months and over summer I make salads nearly every day for lunch.  For ideas for school lunches - you should check out my Healthy Lunch Box webinar where I explore the importance of lunch in more detail and give lots of suggestions.




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