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Pregnancy Nutrition E-Book

“Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy: nourishing foods for you and your baby”


This book will give you everything you need to know regarding nutrition in pregnancy.

The latest information and expert advice is included along with traditional natural whole food approaches. While everything you do in your pregnancy will have a potential impact on your developing baby, what you eat makes the biggest contribution to the health of you and your baby.

This detailed and comprehensive book covers nutritional requirements for each trimester, key nutrients, common complaints, lifestyle & environmental factors, nutrition for birth and breastfeeding and much more!

Download e-book for just $15.97


Be Fertile - Optimise Your Fertility -  Guided Relaxation CDs

By taking time out each day to listen to these guided relaxations you can take control of your mind/body response to daily stressors and boost your chances of conceiving. This audio series is created by Melbourne Naturopaths, Gina Fox & Charmaine Dennis, who specialise in fertility. The relaxation exercises guide your attention to energise optimal growth and development while supporting you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions to enhance your fertility journey.

IVF Cycle - These enjoyable guided relaxations have been created for your nurture and support during each stage of your IVF cycle.  Simply listen daily to calm your stress, and allow your body to respond optimally to the IVF medication.

Two Formats Available:
  • Download Card  $17.00 
  • CD   $28

CD Option

Homoeopathic First Aid Kits 

These popular home first aid kits contain 12 homoeopathic remedies for common ailments.
Remedies for bruising, children's teething, colds & coughs, fever,  pain, emotional upsets/stress, rashes, bites & stings, digestive complaints and much more.  
Full instructions and indications for the different remedies are included.
The remedies are in the form of small easy to administer pills and come in a small box for storage.
  • Cost $97.50  (including postage anywhere in Australia.)


Natural First Aid - Travel Kits

Contains:  arnica ointment,  natural insect repellant, calendula antiseptic tincture,  a selection of six homoeopathic first aid remedies, emergency essence and a few medicated plasters.  Small card with instructions are included.
Effective, safe and natural treatment of first aid complaints.
Comes in a small zippered nylon bag that is compact and convenient for travel.
  • Price $118.00  (including postage anywhere in Australia)

Healing Basket for Children

This wonderful basket contains everything you need for managing most children's health issues at home. 
Contains:  arnica ointment,  calendula antiseptic herbal tincture,  a full homoeopathic kit - including remedies for teething, coughs, colds, fever, emotional health and first aid remedies; and Australian Bush Flower emergency essence. It also includes a 'magic' healing pocket doll and a crystal healing stone - that delight small and big children alike and can help with emotional balancing while sick.  Remedies are displayed and come in a natural cane basket for easy access.
  • Full instructions for all remedies are included.
  • Doll is handmade with natural wool felt and comes in a choice of boy/girl/unisex doll
  • Healing stone is either amethyst or rose quartz crystal
This healing basket provides effective, safe and natural treatment of most children's health complaints.
  • Price $155.00  (including postage anywhere in Australia)

Crystal Choice
Doll Type

Herbal Teas

Organic medicinal teas available for a range of common complaints and as a delicious and healthy beverage.
Experience the difference that loose leaf, organic herbal teas offer.

  • The blends are formulated by medical herbalist Karen McElroy to support good health and include digestive blends, lactation, lung & cough, respiratory and nervous system calming blend.
  • Single herb teas are also available - including peppermint, chamomile, nettle, licorice, raspberry and roasted dandelion.
  • $8.50 per 50g bag  (Postage flat rate of $5.00 for any quantity -  anywhere in Australia.)

Tea Type