Children’s Health

Children's Health

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* Babies and Toddlers

Babies and children have an intrinsic vitality that should be nurtured. Being aware of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for our children allows them to thrive and reach their full potential.

Natural medicines such as herbs and homoeopathy are particularly suited to children and provide safe and effective treatments for most common childhood complaints.

These include colic, nappy rash, teething, eczema, cradle cap, diarrhoea & constipation, behavioural issues, asthma, allergies, recurrent infections (colds, ear infections, tonsillitis), lowered immunity and sleep issues.


Our whole family has been helped by Karen and I find it hard to put into words all the help she has provided us. Her knowledge is phenomenal, as is her ability to piece all the complex bits of the puzzle together. I firstly contacted Karen to see if she could help with our daughter’s gut & reflux problems. Under the advice of a paediatric gastroenterologist we were giving our daughter a very high dose of reflux medication that really didn’t seem to be helping. We also had no understanding of why this was happening. Our sleep was very poor, the stress of the whole family very high, with no signs of changing.  

 Brooke Copland, Sydney

Karen runs a range of Children's Health workshops that are designed for parents who wish to feel confident caring for their children at home using safe and effective natural health care principals and also learn how to recognise the need for medical intervention. These popular courses are offered face-to-face at a local venue a couple of times a year.  They are also now available as online e-courses allowing you the option to participate wherever you are at your convenience.

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* Children and Teens

School age children and teens are continuing to grow and develop – though not quite as fast as babies! Their nutritional and emotional needs also change throughout these years.  By learning how to meet their unique needs we can ensure optimal health.

Karen has studied and taught a range of child development theories and uses this knowledge base to understand and effectively support children at each stage of development.

Karen has experience treating children across all age groups – in areas ranging from recurrent infections, poor immunity, allergies and asthma to digestive problems, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Teens going through hormonal changes have specific needs and can be troubled by acne, weight gain, erratic moods, period problems and stress.


By meeting kids where they are at, Karen can help to educate and support them to make healthy choices and give them practical tools in looking after themselves.


Karen has been our family Naturopath for over 5 years now.  

These are some things my girls have said about Karen;

“We like Karen because she is gentle & quiet. She talks to us & not just mummy.”

“I feel comfortable around Karen & she listens to me.”

“Now mum can bake "yummy" gluten free muffins!”


Tamara, Anastasia, Angelique & Arabella Ford

Tinbeerwah QLD