Mind-Body Counselling

Mind-Body Medicine

Karen uses a range of mind-body techniques and philosophies to support deep healing - including Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K), Quantum Emotional Healing, meditations, counselling, body based emotional release work, anthroposophy and life biography work.

Modern medicine tends to focus on the physical body in isolation and ignores the more subtle aspects of the human being - such as emotions, mindset and spirituality.

Disease and dysfunction can originate or manifest in any layer of our being - but tends to only come to our awareness when we get physical symptoms.  By identifying and working with all aspects of the human being - body, mind and spirit - we can uncover the real blocks to health and create the potential for lasting change.

Read this blog post to learn more about the impact on emotions on health and how to start healing from the inside out!
Hey Karen,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I feel as though the penny finally dropped and have felt so much calmer since working on my old limiting beliefs. I can't even describe the relief I feel from this internal struggle having woke up today and it being gone. Thanks for being apart of my journey. I am forever grateful.
Samantha A



Psych-K is a powerful but simple set of tools to explore and work with the subconscious.

Habits and beliefs that are stored at the subconscious level will often dictate how we live our life and influence our capacity to reach our dreams - whether we are seeking great health, happy relationships or peace of mind.

Psychological kinesiology can help unlock and change our beliefs - from ones created out of insecurity, fear and lack to ones that are positive and aligned with our true potential.  Many people find themselves sabotaging their goals, dreams and health through old habits and patterns that they can't seem to free themselves from.

A Psych-K session involves a simple form of kinesiology (a form of muscle testing), some basic counselling and goal setting and some other key tools.  The tools bring the conscious and subconscious together and align our left-right brain which facilitates greater integration and allows us to more easily reach our potential and goals.

Learn more about Psych-K by watching this video by the founder, Rob Williams.