One of the most important contributions you can make to your health is to eat the healthiest foods possible.  The ideal diet is designed to maintain optimum health and encourage vitality and energy. As every individual is different, no one diet is appropriate for everyone. Through careful analysis of each person’s dietary choices & preferences, nutritional strategies can be applied to address health concerns or treat illness.

Foods that are fresh, whole, organic/biodynamic and raw or lightly cooked contain the most energy. Plant foods in particular contain an amazing array of vital nutrients that promote health and healing. Quality animal foods also offer specific and important nutrients for the body.  Supplements are often necessary to correct deficiencies while diets are being improved and also to provide a desired therapeutic outcome.

Nutritional issues for children include fussy eating, poor food choices, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and allergies.  By knowing what foods to include and what to exclude from your child’s diet you can avoid most of these issues.  The early years can influence your child’s relationship to food for many years to come – so it is particularly important to develop healthy attitudes and eating habits during this time.

Making Healthy Changes That Last

Karen has developed a unique program that includes a Healthy Kitchen Assessment in your own home and Guided Shopping Trips.  These services are offered as part of the Wellness programs that Karen offers to transform your health.

This expert support gives you a personalized assessment, advice and feedback on your current diet and ideas to support lasting healthy changes. By assessing the foods in your pantry, the cooking methods and implements used, as well as how to navigate the supermarket and make good choices, are all invaluable methods to educate and motivate you to make healthy changes for you and your family.

Upcoming Events
6:30 pm 4 Week Introduction to Meditatio... @ The Grove
4 Week Introduction to Meditatio... @ The Grove
Nov 6 @ 6:30 pm – Nov 27 @ 8:00 pm
4 Week Introduction to Meditation Course @ The Grove | Noosaville | Queensland | Australia
Have you always wanted to learn to meditate, but didn’t know how? Do you want to learn how to manage stress and find it easier to relax? Meditation has been proven to provide fantastic benefits[...]
6:30 pm Women’s Midlife Hormone Workshop @ Noosa Holistic Health
Women’s Midlife Hormone Workshop @ Noosa Holistic Health
Nov 25 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Women's Midlife Hormone Workshop @ Noosa Holistic Health
A Free Wellness Talk with Karen McElroy Naturopath  Are you a midlife woman in her 40’s or 50’s? Would you like to understand more about your hormones and the changes going on physically and emotionally?[...]
To me Karen is an absolute angel! I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is going through the whole ‘roller coaster’ journey of IVF. It was so lovely to actually have someone that actually listened to me, it was in 2010 when we decided we would give IVF one last go before having a break. Karen put me on a super tonic which I call her ‘magic potion’ and after a few weeks in taking this my FSH levels dropped dramatically and this was my lucky month and my dream had finally came true. I always feel so positive every time I leave Karen’s rooms, I’m so glad that I found her I can never thank her enough for my positive out come!
Megan Wolarczuk
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